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Welcome to all friends of the missions old and new!

This site is a witness to the labor, joys, and struggles of our dear priests in Africa doing God’s work on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide a window into mission life from the writings of the priests themselves. One cannot help being touched by the incredible progress made in reclaiming the Mission in Gabon from the clutches of the jungle. This is only rivaled by the rapidly growing and joyful flock of souls hungry for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the sacraments. The grace of God and protection of Our Blessed Mother is everywhere evident. Here the faith is real and active... against all kinds of adversities, lack of conveniences, and a constant shortage of resources. That is where we come in. If your soul is moved by what you see and discover here, we ask you to prayerfully consider whatever material support you can provide. Large or small, every donation helps and God will surely not be outdone in generosity. If you are not able to assist at this time financially then we beg your sincere prayers for these dedicated and humble priests and the faithful that they serve. 

Read Our Latest Mission Reports 

Mission Report 10 

As the Mission grows, by God’s grace, it remains just as dependent of your generosity today as it did on day-one. Why? Because social reality out here is quite different than ours. I have tried over and over to get local financial support for the Mission, with almost zero success. The little success I’ve had… it comes with so many strings attached… it is not worth it. On the financial side of things: this past year we worked on making two of our workshops totally self-sufficient: the bakery and the carpentry. This year we are doing........

Mission Report 9 

Yes, it was Our Lady’s feast day, August 15, and all the sudden… a massive electrical fire. We were in the dark for many days. “Father, you should have had a fire at the Mission!” told me the first electrician called on scene. And after two months, when, thanks to your generosity, we had the means to restore the damage, we brought a good electrician from ...”

Mission Report 8 

A few of month ago, while crossing the African jungle on my way to Libreville on a rainy night, suddenly the front-left tire of the vehicle exploded. Despite my efforts to control the car, it pulled strongly into the opposite lane and... into the jungle it went. On the first moment: what a shock! Hadn’t had a single accident in about 30 years of driving. On a second moment...

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