Meet The People 

Behind the Mission St. Therese of the Infant Jesus

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Friends of the Mission

How does God show His love for us? By giving us good and faithful friends. And that includes His own Blessed Mother, great Patron Saints, our Guardian Angels, our Good and loved Superiors, our generous benefactors, our volunteers, our great Mission Support Team, last but not least… those that pray for us; those that give us moral support.  So… we feel VERY loved by God at the Mission. Here are some, just some, of the many friends the Good Lord has blessed the Mission with. They are all part of the “Mission’s Family”. Before God’s eyes – I am sure – they are Missionaries just like us at the front line. And… there are so many more. If we had their pictures they’d be posted here too!  

Gabon's First Lady; madame Sylvia Bongo Ondimba

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Archbishop Basile Mvé Engone 

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Monsignor Gilles Wach

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Monsignor Mathieu Madega Lebouankehan

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Governor Benjamin Nzigou

Our Diocesan Vicar General

Benedictine Abbey of Flavigny

Benedictine Sisters of Ephesus

Our Brother Priests in Libreville

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Priests of the Diocese of Mouila

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Our Religious Sisters from Mouila

Province governor

mouila Mayor and Staff

Gabonese minister Jean de Dieu Moukagni Iwangou

American Ambassador Cinthia Akuetteh

General Perrin

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Colonel Monguila

Canon Bergerot

Dan Zignego

A great Friend of the Mission… already in the “other side”... Read More

Michael Conroy

Michael was our MC from when I was serving in Oakland, Ca. ...Read More

Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Maya Vargas

Miss Shirley Meuret

The Blanchard Family

The Halisky Family

The Heidemann Family

The Laczkoskie Family

The Pampelonne Family 

The Penrod Family

The PILLET Family

The Ryan Family

The Serafino Family

The Truty Family

The Tim & Katie Halisky Family

Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Wendy Lee

The Zivnuska Family

The Louis Toenjes Family

The Merlo Family

The Saint Lezin Family

The Vidigal Family

Mrs. Mary Hall

Monsieur NGOUMBA

Monsieur Mouloungui

Mme Guerra-Devigne

Miss Maria Isabel Vidigal

Miss Lynne Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Kate & Matthew Angeli

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Angel Toenjes

Miss Jocelyn Halisky

Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Noel & Catherine Vilain

The Jose Francisco Vidigal Family

Mr. Jack Scholtz

The Hocqmiller Family

Dr. & Mrs. Enio & Guida Fernandino

The Falter Family

Emmanuel & Benedicte Schneider

Dr. and Mrs. Trunfio

Bruce & Maria Becker

Mr. Robert Powers

Doyen et Mme Clement

Andrea & Brian Phillips

Nancy Heideman

Monsieur Poity

Monsieur NGUEMA

Maria Fragelli Becker

Mr. & mrs. Luiz Gonzaga & Laura Freitas

Maman Bivouli

The John & Leah Halisky Family

The Heaton Family

Dr. Glenn Castañeda

The Cooper Family

Dr. Benoit

Col. & Mrs. De Loynes

Baudoin et Marie Soleil

Large or small, every donation helps and God will surely not be outdone in generosity.