Come Volunteer 

in a real Mission in the heart of Africa… and make beautiful memories you will treasure forever.

Whether you are young or older, a student or a teacher, a doctor or a nurse, or just “full of good will”… we have tons of heart-rewarding tasks to keep you very occupied at the Mission.

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Andreas Heideman was the first European volunteer to come to the Mission. In fact, he loved it so much he came three tim...

In 2017 I spent a month as a volunteer at Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus Mission. It is engraved in my memory the war...

Mwish to discovering Africa all while being of service, was satisfied when I was welcomed as a volunteer, for 3 months...

I arrived at La Mission de St Terese with little Idea what to expect and even less French.  I needn’t have worri...

My name is Bertrand and I am 18 years old. I went (to Gabon) for a month to help at Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus Mis...

Concluding some very intense study years, I longed for living a good two months in a relaxing experience, all while donat...

Canon Lefèvre was not only the Vice-Rector at our Seminary, but also a very good friend. I invited him to come volun...

Dolores Meehan

It is a gift from God to work as a medical missionary in a profoundly Catholic environment – to attend Holy Mass ea...

Our immense gratitude to Dr. Glenn, to who’s generosity the Mission’s Clinic owes so...

23 years old and a nurse by profession, I had the extraordinary opportunity of living for a whole month at the Mouila Mis...

It was a great joy for me to visit, together with my cousin and a good friend, the Mouila Mission during my 2014 sum...

After graduating from College, summer of 2017, I dedicated my vacations to go spend a month at Fr. Fragelli’s missio...

Jonny volunteered at the Mission

We are waiting for his testimony.

The experience that I had while at the mission was nothing short of life changing. While I was there I had th...

Our landing on Gabonese soil inaugurated a month of incredible discoveries. From the “coupé-coupé” (Gabonese side-of-th...

I went to the mission in 2013 to help with the opening of their sewing workshop. I worked with the ladies of the missio...

We were happy to welcome Kristen to the Mission, though for too short of a stay. Kristen came as an Assistant Nurs...

Here's our story of a trip that changed our family for the better.  My wife and I had made a decision to make a once in...

Loving manual labor and fixing things, I did a variety of tasks at the Saint Therese Mission: masonry, carpentry, roofin...

I’m a nurse and I went to the Mission to offer my help in that capacity. But I didn’t only work at the clinic! I helped buil...

I was at the Mission for 4 months during the fall of 2019; I was welcomed at Sainte Therese of the Child Jesus Mission like i...

Matthew Serafino: Canon Fragelli’s Godson. He volunteered at the Mission for 3 months...

This month in Gabon did me a lot of good. I was lucky to be able to arrive in Gabon two weeks before my friends from...

I sailed to Gabon with the purpose of braking away from some of my habits. Gabon was for me an easy destinat...

I spent a short summer month with my cousin, notably to help build the frames for a small water tower and the grocery sto...

I visited the mission in Mouila with a friend in the summer of 2013 as it was reopening. Each of us had a job to...

Mr. Verzino volunteered at the Mission for a short month. But he is still remembered at the Mission, especially by the childre...

Rafael is one of Canon Fragelli’s nephews. (Still waiting for his testimony) His kind and joyful pres...

"At first you might feel moved for the adventure of been deep in a scene of the movies about Africa, but all changes wh...

I had twice the chance in 2018 and 2019 to go to Gabon to the mission of Mouila on the invitation of Canon...

In 2016, following Canon Fragelli’s invitation, we landed with our six children, ages 3, 5, 8...

Sixtine Kersabiec came to the Mission, as a volunteer, for two months. In the short time she was here she did so, so mu...

Summer 2018, I spent 2 months at the mission. My responsibilities were to of all kinds (painting, gardening, stora...

“I visited the mission in the spring of 2017 and was awed by this oasis of peace just outside of Mouila. I came to help set up...

To celebrate my 50th birthday I wished to do, with my family, something out of the ordinary. We had been following...

In 2017, having finished college, I did not yet know what superior studies to pursue. Providentially, through a close friend, I h...

Feel like volunteering in a beautiful African Mission but don’t know how, where and when?

You ask… we answer. 

And if the FAQ below don’t suffice, don’t hesitate do write to the Mission Rector, Fr. Fragelli at

frequently asked Questions



Who is welcome?

Any honest and sincere volunteer willing to generously give their time, talent and effort to the service and development of our beautiful Mission.

Can families/groups volunteer all at once?

YES. We have had many families come and this has been a great blessing for both the Mission and for those familiesOur Mission Rector will help coordinate your family needs.

What is the best time to come?

Each time of the year has its blessings. There is the school year cycle, the liturgical cycle, the rain/dry season cycles. There are many opportunities whenever you come.

How long can I come for?

We have had volunteers come for as little as two weeks and others as long as seven months. Let us know what services you can offer, what you are willing to do and how long you would like to stay and we can coordinate your visit. 

All volunteers must have a passport with validity of six months beyond their intended volunteering time.

What kind of work can I do?

It all depends on your abilitiesIf you think you have no skills, no talents… just come anyway and we'll be happy to prove you wrong! In our experience, every volunteer here at the Mission ends up finding out, through their contributions, that they are more blessed than they thought they were. 
If volunteering in some professional capacity such as working in our medical clinic or at the trade school or at the elementary/high school, additional qualification paperwork might be required. The Mission Rector will help you with that. 
Other than that, there is a wide variety of things you can help with, from working and coordinating youth programs, helping in the office, working in the garden, helping in the school or in the orphanage, helping in the clinic, assisting and training in the different workshops,  or… just playing with the children! 

What do I need to bring?

  Clothes-wise: Consider that from October through June, Gabon is quite hot and humid. From July through September it is the "dry season" with more mild temperatures. In general, you will need: 

  • everyday clothes, 
  •  work clothes, lightweight, light-colored and preferably long sleeve and long pants are best to work in. 
  •  Sunday Mass/Special Occasion clothes. 
  • Work gloves (at least one pair of good quality gloves). 
  • Flashlight (it gets dark at around 6pm since we are near the equator). There are frequent power outages at the Mission. So between the time the lights go out and the electric generator kicks in, a good flashlight can come very handy. 
     -    Insect repellent (we have very few flies and mosquitos at the Mission). 
  •     Sunscreen or suntan lotion. 
  •  Medicine: at the Mission you will have access to our Clinic 24/7, but to be on the safe side most volunteers take malaria medication during their stay in Gabon + seven days upon their return to their country as recommended by most doctors.

Can I fly directly to Gabon

It depends on where you are coming from.  Check with your airline or booking agent. We’ll be happy to share with you the travelling experiences of the more than 70 volunteers we have been blessed with these past years. 

Do I need to rent a car?

No. We will provide transport from the capital Libreville to the Mission in Mouila (about 7 hours). Once at the Mission we will provide transport as needed. For local town-runs, if you have a valid driver’s license, we will be happy to lend you a car, if available. The use of local taxi is not recommended. 

For logistic purposes (picking you up at the airport and bringing you to the Mission, then dropping you back at the airport for your return) it is better for us if you plan to arrive and leave on a Tuesday through Thursday flights. 


Do I need to speak French?

No. Obviously it is helpful if you do speak French since that is the official language in Gabon.  However, there are several English speaking individuals at the Mission. 

Does the Mission have Wi-Fi and phone service?

No. Bring your cell phone.  You can pick up a free sim-card through the various local cellular providers for both internet and phone access. You will need to purchase air-time” from these providers. We will help you with that. It is quite simple. There is good coverage in most of Gabon and the Mission has excellent cell phone coverage. 

Will I have any expenses in Gabon?

Once you are in Mouila and at the Mission, all volunteers are treated as guests.  You are part of the Mission familyThe Mission takes care of your lodging, your meals and basic medical needs.  

Although the Mission is not a 5-star hotel the lodgings are clean, simple and comfortable.  Meals are held in common at the main house and this provides for many hours of fun and fellowship. 

You might want to have some pocket money for personal expenses such as for buying souvenirs, phone credit, etc.  We can arrange for you to shop in the local town for any additional items you may want, if you don’t find those items in the Mission’s store. 


Can I use a credit card and what money do I need?

Most shops in Mouila will NOT take credit cards. The currency is the Central African Franc (CFA). For your personal expenses you can bring Euros or Dollars and change them as needed at the local bankThe Mission Rector will help with that. 


Letter of Recommendation, Visa & Vaccine

If you are totally new to the Mission or to the Mission Rector, a letter of recommendation may be requested for verification and the safety of our Mission.  Once your volunteering at the mission has been approvedthe Mission’s Rector will provide you with an INVITATION LETTER that you will submit with your visa application. You will need to contact the Gabonese Embassy in your country for all the information regarding visa and vaccine requirementsWe recommend that you check the risks of the yellow-fever vaccine for the elderly, before you decide to come, if you are of that age-group. 

Do I have to be Catholic to come volunteer?

No. However, volunteers must know that being a Catholic Mission all its activities revolve around the Catholic Faith, Catholic Charity and Catholic prayer life. All volunteers are expected to respect this spirituality and these activities.

Dress code: Is there a dress code at the Mission?

Yes. Being a Catholic Mission, all are expected to dress modestly. Africans are blessed to be very conservative in this regard, and they will be very edified and feel respected by you if you dress accordingly. 

Is it safe at the Mission?

Yes. We live in a very safe community. Though prudence is always recommended, there is very little chance of any personal harm coming to you while in Gabon. 

A program: do we have to follow a program or schedule? 

Yes, volunteering is not a vacation. This is a living Mission and our volunteers come and are part of that living missionary effort. All are expected to participate in the Mission's life and schedules. All are expected to give good moral example to each other and to work to the best of their abilities, all while contributing to the Mission’s joyful atmosphere. 

Water: can I drink the local water? 

Our city water is good. Not a single one of our volunteers has ever had a problem with drinking the local water. However, if you feel safer, we can provide you with bottled spring water. 

Alcohol and Smoking? 

Alcohol is ONLY permitted when officially served during Mission meals, appetizers or other special functions.  Smoking is not allowed inside any of the Mission buildings. There are vast areas around the Mission buildings where smoking is acceptable. 

Are there any sight seeing & Safari options?

Yes.  Many of our volunteers have taken advantage of this. Since you will be in Africa it makes sense not to miss such an opportunity.  Although you will not have the opportunity to do this while at the Mission, we have many contacts and friends in the tourist industry who can help arrange your activities after you leave the Mission.