Gabon National Soccer Champions 2019
An Apostolate of the Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Mission, Mouila, Gabon


Due to the generosity of a few generous donors, they have been able to afford the costs of competing on a national level.  The teams would like to expand into various levels and divisions and will need even more generous donors to make this dream a reality.

Team sponsors are not only welcome, but necessary for this apostolate to flourish. Please consider helping the Panthers of Christ The King. 

More than a soccer team...

Putting Christ the King first in everything is the goal of the apostolate whose name is the “Panthers of Christ the King”.  And a true apostolate it is...

The Panthers of Christ the King, having won two state championships in a row and now a national championship,  have brought a lot of visibility and attention to the Mission.

It has attracted both faithful and vocations and has brought many young men that today come regularly to Mass and participate in other Mission activities.

The requirements are simple. Each team member must come to catechism every Saturday as they learn their duties as a Catholic and the duties of their state in life.

2019 National Champions

Serving God and Neighbor First...

These outward signs of helping around the mission only strengthen their spiritual life showing that the path of serving Christ is to solidify your spiritual life and to serve your neighbors as Christ Himself did. 

Then they are disciplined enough to practice and work as a team to become masters of their sport which is soccer. The Panthers of Christ the King have won two consecutive state championships.

They begin and end each match with a prayer. With their spiritual commitment to their Catholic faith, their humanitarian work at the mission, and practicing their sport they are known as the most disciplined team in the entire country.

These men are growing in virtue by coming regularly to Holy Mass and participating in other activities at the Mission of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus in Mouila, Gabon.

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