The Panthers Of Christ The King

An Apostolate of Mission St. Therese of the Infant Jesus, Mouila, Gabon

State Champions in 2017 & 2018

National Champions in 2019

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Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and the practice of Christian virtue, all while gathering around sports, is the goal of this Mission's apostolate called the “Panthers of Christ the King”.  And a true apostolate it is..

Coming to catechism and good moral behavior are a requirement to belong to the Mission's team. 

Having won two state championships in a row and now a national championship,  the Panthers of Christ the King have brought a lot of visibility and attention to the Mission.

It has attracted both faithful and vocations and has brought to the Mission many young men that today come regularly to Mass and participate in other Mission activities. The Panthers of Christ the King are more than just a team. They are family of brothers seeking, with God's good grace, to become everyday better men.

  • English

  • Original French

Hymn of the Panthers of Christ the King

Behold that they advance with bravery and joy 

The heart in flames the eyes on the opponent 

And if anyone asks: who are these giants? 

With pride they sing in one sole voice: 


We are the Panthers of Christ the King 

Honor, prayer, courage is our standard 

For reaching victory: effort and merit is our path 

No obstacle will ever stop us. 

This hymn (which in French rhymes)is sung with enthusiasm before every match and wherever the Panthers go.

Panthers  of Christ the King Photo Gallery