Yves Bevillard 

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In 2017, having finished college, I did not yet know what superior studies to persue. Providentially, through a close friend, I heard about the Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Mission and I decided to go there for a whole year as a volunteer. 

I arrived just as they were opening the Saint Francis de Sales School where I made it my joy to teach several disciplines and where I opened a little Theater Workshop. I had also the joy of attending Mass daily, to participate often in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, to have beautiful discussions with Canon Fragelli, go to confession whenever I needed…  

I also put together a YouTube documentary about the ensemble of the Mission’s activities in order to help give the Mission more visibility.  

I have great and unforgetable memories from that enriching year, at the human level but also at the spiritual level, and I recommend everyone to go spend a while at the Mission in order to discover this truly « refuge of peace ». 

Yves Bevillard