April 1

We are 56% there!

Catholic Education, Immediate and Urgent Needs, St. Frances de Sales School


Dear Friend,

We are 56% there! … “only” 44% to go in order to assure that our beautiful Saint Francis de Sales School survives this fall. 

PLEASE give us a minute of your time by reading this message.

*   *   *   *   *   *   


Covid hit the Mission pretty hard. Not because of the sick (none) but because of all the donors that HAD to pull out. As a result… donations have plummeted imposing some harsh decisions, like the letting go of many of the school staff.

We are down to the bear bone right now, and worried for the future. Our finances were balanced till covid hit the world. It is no longer the case.

To be able to re-open the school this fall (and NOW is when we decide that) we need to be able to order the school uniforms ($14.800), buy school materials ($46.300) and purchase at least one more bus ($42.600). God help us!

Trusting Him and your generosity, and not wanting to spoil the joy of the children, we have tried to keep the appearance of normality. But the fact is that, to re-open our beautiful Saint Francis de Sales School this coming fall, we absolutely need these $103.700.

The good news is that… we are on our way there. A few generous souls have already answered this appeal. We’ve got “only” 61% of our goal to achieve.

So, please give it a prayerful thought. Make it, perhaps, your last Lenten sacrifice for the year. One thing you can be assured of: our gratitude and prayers. And the gratitude and prayers of over 400 African children that will continue to receive a wonderful Catholic education because of your sacrifice.

You and I, by our sacrifice, we are in this together. We are both Missionaries. That’s how God looks at it, I am sure. You will one day receive the reward of a Missionary. Hope to hear from you soon.

May He and His Blessed Mother be always in your good heart.

Fr. H. Fragelli, i.c.r.s.p.
Missionary in Africa
Mission St. Therese of the Child Jesus

About the author 

Canon H. Fragelli

Canon Fragelli was sent to Gabon in November 2012 to restore the Mission that had been inactive for several years. Canon Fragelli likes to preach. His favorite subject is the Blessed Mother and Catholic doctrine. He preaches every day at Mass and any occasion that presents itself. “Faith comes through hearing” taught us Saint Paul. His official title today is: “Prior of the Mission Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus and responsible for the apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King in the diocese of Mouila.” He is also the Chaplain of the Prison of Mouila.


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