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To celebrate my 50th birthday I wished to do, with my family, something out of the ordinary. We had been following with much interest the re-opening of the Mission by our great friend Canon Fragelli. Having been always attracted, or at least intrigued by Africa, not having had ever the possibility to visit it, our destination was quickly chosen, despite the apprehensions of some… The trip to Mouila, the welcoming by Canon Fragelli and all at the Mission, the Christmas Midnight Mass, it was all extraordinary. We also helped restore the Mission’s dorms, varnish the outdoor wooden terraces, helped moving furniture, etc... The tasks are quite ordinary but had a special “flavor” in this mission in the middle of Gabon. Upon our return to France, the family was unanimous in saying: This was by far, and remains, our best trip ever! 


Famille Jean-Noel VILAIN