September 7

A Request from Canon Fragelli’s Family

Blessings, Father Fragelli, Immediate and Urgent Needs, Mission Family


Dear Friends of Canon Fragelli and the Mission St. Therese in Gabon,

We hope this letter finds you and your families well. 

As you are aware, Canon Fragelli remains hospitalized in Italy and is slowly on his way to recovery. The latest news from his sister Maria is more positive in that he is now in a more lucid state and is awake for long portions of every day. He is trying very hard to communicate. He still cannot speak and Maria says she is a horrible lip reader!  His lungs are badly damaged but ever so slowly recovering. He is receiving physical therapy and regaining a little strength in his hands so he can now wave them a bit for communication.

Maria is going to try finger paints to see if can write a little. He is still in serious condition but by the grace of God improving. We know Canon Fragelli is a spiritual warrior. We are sure his suffering is not wasted and he is offering it all for souls.

Now that he is conscious, passing the long hours is difficult and this is where Maria and Canon Fragelli need your help. Maria would love for his friends to write "email cards" to him.  Maria will read them or print them off and share them with him. He would love to hear the news, little interesting anecdotes, the little details of your family life, see pictures, and the other types of even mundane things you would share with such a dear friend. It really lifts his spirit and is as good as any medicine he is getting.

Please send them to and we will forward them to Maria in Italy right away.

May God Bless you for your charity in supporting Canon Fragelli in his time of need and your ongoing support of the mission and the St Francis DeSales school in Gabon.

Thank you so much,

~ The Mission Support Team

About the author 

Canon H. Fragelli

Canon Fragelli was sent to Gabon in November 2012 to restore the Mission that had been inactive for several years. Canon Fragelli likes to preach. His favorite subject is the Blessed Mother and Catholic doctrine. He preaches every day at Mass and any occasion that presents itself. “Faith comes through hearing” taught us Saint Paul. His official title today is: “Prior of the Mission Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus and responsible for the apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King in the diocese of Mouila.” He is also the Chaplain of the Prison of Mouila.


Father Fragelli

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