Matthieu DEIN

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This month in Gabon did me a lot of good. I was lucky to be able to arrive in Gabon two weeks before my friends from “Gabon 2019” arrived.  

So, I was able to meet every member of the Val Marie (Mission): The Oblates and Mass servers, the Panthers in their triumph (soccer), and all those that help at the Mission. 

It was like a big family that I discovered there. We were welcomed with so much warmth! And in an ambience of prayer and manual labor, we were able to build the Mission’s Saint Exupéry Library. I am sure that this beautiful trip made blossom in me very good things, while working in that very wholesome project. Wasn’t it, in fact, far from his own home, at the Cap Juby fort, that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote his best romances? 

Matthieu DEIN