Joséphine Drouhot 

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Our landing on Gabonese soil inaugurated a month of incredible discoveries. From the “coupé-coupé” (Gabonese side-of-the-road barbecue), a dusty road, a magnificent forest and finally… the Mouila Mission! 

Two days after our arrival we were already at the construction site: we were turning the cement, making cinder-blocks, the cement-bucket chain and the high scaffolds… If it is true that we worked really hard until the inauguration of the St. Exupéry library, our joy of sharing in the life of the Mission made us forget all our pains. That month spent under God’s kind watch, at Mass or Adoration, convinced us of the beauty of Gabon, which we already began to miss upon our arrival back to France.   

Joséphine Drouhot (de Gabon 2019 !)