September 8

Hard Keeping Up with God’s Blessings

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Hard keeping up with God’s blessings.

Last year we sent our first Candidate to the seminary. His name is Albert. Before going to the seminary Albert spent 3 years of internship here at the Mission.

After concluding his first year of spirituality and philosophy at the seminary, Albert received the cassock and tonsure last month (picture). A real… “success story” … by the grace of God.

This year we are sending another Candidate to the Seminary: Jonas. He has also been with us, at the Mission, for the past 3 years.

However, this fall we will be blessed with the arrival of several new Candidates, Postulants and a couple of Oblates (lay brothers). So, we absolutely need to build rooms for them, and we need to do it now, before they arrive, most importantly… before the rainy season pours in. Not only rooms: we need to expand the refectory, the laundry room… the whole deal. If God sends us Vocations, the least we can do is lodge them properly. 


(Somehow, before the fall, we need to buy another bus for the school ($45K), but right now preparing to receive these new Vocations is a priority. God will provide for the rest, I am sure.)In simple terms: we “invested” in Vocations and… God blessed that “investment”. We now have to invest more. One good Priest can save a thousand souls.

The whole project will provide 6 new small individual rooms, a big refectory, a new laundry room… will coast us only $ 33.000. If we can do that now… we will be able to receive several new Vocations at the Mission this fall. But we need to do it right away.

Thank you. And God bless you always!

About the author 

Canon H. Fragelli

Canon Fragelli was sent to Gabon in November 2012 to restore the Mission that had been inactive for several years. Canon Fragelli likes to preach. His favorite subject is the Blessed Mother and Catholic doctrine. He preaches every day at Mass and any occasion that presents itself. “Faith comes through hearing” taught us Saint Paul. His official title today is: “Prior of the Mission Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus and responsible for the apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King in the diocese of Mouila.” He is also the Chaplain of the Prison of Mouila.


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