Geoffroy de Pampelonne 

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It was a great joy for me to visit, together with my cousin and a good friend, the Mouila Mission during my 2014 summer break. As soon as we arrived, several tasks were entrusted to us. Manual labor such as painting the church and the building of roof frames as well as sport activities with the Mission youth. This two-month experience in Gabon was also rich in encounter with Mission locals (Noëline, Chardin, Fabrice, Marc Antoine and others), lively discussion with Canon Fragelli, discovering the countryside (crossing the Equator and head-on encounters, on the road, with animals of all types!)visiting ancient missions in the south of the countrylearning different crafts, etc. My thought in going to Gabon was to give but I ended up receiving a lot.  

Geoffroy de PAMPELONNE