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Andreas Heideman was the first European volunteer to come to the Mission. In fact, he loved it so much he came three times, year after year. 

Son of a very good friend of mine, Andreas was a joy to have at the Mission. He interacted specially with the young and had a decisive role in the formation of the Mission’s soccer team, what would become the later the famous Panthers of Christ the KingHe is considering one of its “Founding Members”. 

Besides a lot of help (work), we also took him to see the Elephants at Nyognié Park, then to watch the Wales in Libreville, and an excursion in the river Ngoé to meet the… hippopotamus.

In the evenings, he and I played scrabble... in two languages: French and English. And... we are keeping score 4 – 5... I’m winning! 😊 Andreas has promised to come back to settle that score in his favor. Which I will be happy to concede for the joy of having him back at the Mission. The kids love him.  

Cn. Fragelli