Please become a sponsor to one of these children.
And remember… “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do it to Me” (Mt. 25-45)

Sponsor a Student Today!

The full student tuition is $75/month.
For those that wish to sponsor a student but cannot afford the full tuition,
they may participate with $25/month or $50/month (See below.)
Whichever your participation be, your student will correspond with you
regularly sharing his/her joys and progress in school.

Click To Meet & Sponsor A Student of St Francis DeSales School Gabon, Africa

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*The sponsoring program is meant to create a personal link between a donor and a student, all the while benefiting all the students.
** You may suspend or terminate your monthly donations at any time. See your receipt for details.
*** All donations are fully tax decutible through Funds for the Missions Inc., a non-profit Corporation established to support Catholic Missions
including the Mission St. Therese of the Infant Jesus and The Saint Francis DeSales School in Gabon, Africa.

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