These Children Need Your Help!  

Please come to their aid and help build for them St. Francis de Sales School.

In the past three years we have restored the Mission:
-created workshops,
-taught catechism to hundreds of children,
-organized youth formation programs and much more! is not enough!

Time has come to build them a REAL Catholic school for these children. But... you know what I'm going to say: we cannot do it alone. We can NOT do it without you!

So PLEASE, for the love of God, consider sharing your blessings with these children where many have not even a home,nor school, not even a family! God will repay you one-hundred fold.

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How You Can Help The St. Francis De Sales School

Help The Mission by Spreading the Word!

A few good souls have offered to help fundraise for the school. We are REALLY counting on that. And You can do the same, for example: asking their Pastors to put an add on their church’s bulletin, and following up on it. More efficient, of course, is organizing fundraisers. You could help tremendously if you send the link to this website, with a personal note, to your friends. To your contacts on Facebook, etc.

 For your consolation, know that I don’t enjoy begging. Actually: I hate it. But we have a mission to accomplish and that’s it. Our reward is in Heaven. May God Bless You! 

Help The Mission by Donating!

Help the mission build a proper school for the children by donating to our main funding campaign using the Direct Donation Link  on our funding page.

Our funding drive has raised about 3% of what we need so far and we are just getting started!  It is a great initiative, but if people prefer to send their donation through the traditional way… it is all the same. Instructions below on both ways you can donate. 

School Project Progress Read & Follow Our Journey

by God’s good grace.... we are building a school! A REAL SCHOOL for about 500 children (...initially) Monsignor WACH, our Prior General, has[...]